Galileo's Gazing

The Canton of Stowe-on-the-Wowld and the Barony of Rowany are pleased to present Galileo's Gazing (aka The Stargazing Event)

*When: From 0930 ,Saturday 13th of October to 10am Sunday 14th.
Glenworth Valley Horse Riding Centre
Peats Ridge, NSW, Australia.
Lattitude 33°24'10.70"S Longitutde 151°11'35.17 "E

*Cost: $30 (members), $35 (non-members), $45 (unbooked at door, heavily discouraged). If you are staying for Friday night, an additional $10 per person applies, a simple soup kitchen will be available

*Bookings: *Absolutely necessary! *Cut-off will be the 6th of October, *no extensions* this time, sorry.

*Cheques Payable to: 'SCA Stowe on the Wowld'

*Bookings To: Lady Tatya Yaraslavna email: tatyayaraslavna at gmail dot com

*Stewards: Baroness Fineamhain an Einigh inghean Ui Chonchobhair (Finn) and Master Hrothgar aet Gytingbroke

*Contact for enquiries/non booking related: wenchilada at gmail dot com

Throughout the middle ages, the heavens captured imagination and curiosity, inspiring great minds.

Come to the new Rowany Festival site for an evening under Lochac's stars.

*Twilight Tournament
*Sausage Inna Bunne for lunch on Saturday
*BYO Feast Feast
*Fascinating Collegium on period astronomy, astrology and navigation, brought to you by Mistress katherine kerr, baroness of Southron Gaard, Master Dafydd of the Glens, Mistress Cairistiona nic Beathain, Sir Corin Anderson and Master Del.
*Bardic Circle
*Hot Supper
*Bacon & Eggs Breakfast
*New Festival Site Tours

There is some important information placed on the event website for your benefit, please make sure you read it. More information will be added to the website as it becomes available, so stay tuned. For any enquiries, please contact the Steward, not the bookings officer. Location:
Canton of Stowe-on-the-Wowld and the Barony of Rowany (Peats Ridge, New South Wales, Australia)