Australian Historical Swordplay Conference 2007

Australian Historical Swordplay Conference 2007: German Medieval & Renaissance Martial Arts

Saturday 22nd to Monday 24th September
Greensbourough Secondary College,
Victoria,Greensbrough, Victoria, Australia

The AHSF Conference 07 website is up. You can find it here:

The Con will cost $185 for early birds. The price will rise, so sign up before the end of August.

We will be billeting as many people as we can. Priority will be given according to distance travelled. I will also be trying to Billet SCA folk with Melbourne SCA folk. Extra information on accomdation in the area can be found on the website.

You'll get a free dagger waster and messer/dusack substitute. As Stefan Dieke will be presenting a class on dagger and Andrew Brew on dusack everyone will need them to participate, so we're providing them for you.

Presentations on German Longsword, Meyer's Rapier and German Dagger from professional Western Martial Artist, Stefan Dieke.

Private Classes and Master Classes from Stefan Dieke.

Presentations from Australian researchers - 2 of which are regular SCA participants.

A Test Cutting Workshop. Come and cut stuff up with a variety of sharp weapons.

More information is available from the webpage and we are constantly updating it. Information about the Con and all sorts of other swordplay related miscellania can be found at;

Any enquiries can be directed to myself at

Rauf le Brewere
aka Matthew Sutton Location:
Australian Historical Swordplay Federation (Greensbrough, Australia)