Time for Tudor

Once again it is Time for Tudor! It's time for an evening of dancing and merriment; a time to revive the pagentry of the Elizabethan costume party with a Grande Masked Ball.

Come dressed in your Tudor and Elizabethan fashions and show off how creative you can be in your costumes and light on your feet across the dance floor.

There will be dancing lesson and several contests including Best Allegory. An allegory is "a figurative treatment of a subject under the guise of another; a representation of an abstract or spiritual meaning through concrete or material means". So get out your material and be creative. For example, a green gown covered in sparkling jewels and cocktail swords could be "Arafel's Lament" (singing ' the tree of swords and jewels waits for me') You can even top it all off with a French Hood made from leaves. A prize will be given to the member of the populace who correctly identifies the most allegories present. Another prize will be given to the person with the best mask. Ideas for Tudor style masks can be found at : http://isebastiani.com/MasksAndChars.html

Punch will be provided with the populace beinging their favorite desserts or finger foods to share. A prize will be awarded to the person who brings the best dish; no documentation is required.

No feast gear is necessary for this event. This is a dry site.

Site Fee - $5.00

Site Location:
The Den at UAA
University of Alaska Anchorage Student Union
3211 Providence Drive
Anchorage Alaska 99508 Location:
Barony of Eskalya (Anchorage Alaska)