SCA Nation -- Members Step Back to Medieval Times

South Bend Tribune: The annual Swine and Roses event in South Bend, Indiana (USA) was visited by a reporter and photographer from the local newspaper, who did a full-page story on the event.
"Coming from as far as Chicago and Three Rivers, individuals and families camped out through a Friday night thunderstorm and braved showers on Saturday. Their common opinion was that, if the people who lived in the era they are emulating (600-1600) had to get a bit wet, so could they."

The article isn't 100% accurate -- for example, they talk about fighting with "bamboo" weapons -- but overall it's very favorable. The reporter took the time to talk with SCAdians attending the event, and she includes some basic SCA history.

There are also photos of people getting ready for the tourney, and others shopping at a merchant.

Thanks to Mistress Isabel Moundoghter for posting this link to the Middlebridge.