Harvest Festival

Please join us for a day of fun and celebration. The day will start out with a small court. Then we proceed to the fun with a bells and pillows tourney and a bottle jousting tourney, both of which are open to all ages. There will also be table games available to use. We will also be hosting a Deed of Arms, where Sir Cadfarch will take on all challengers for glory and honor. Throughout the day we will have bardic performances, showing the talents of our barony.

Feast will be a magnificent meal put on by Master Domingo. (If you've ever had the pleasure of tasting any of Master Domingo's dishes then you know why he is a Master!)

First Course: Turk's Head Pie, Leek Soup, Tarts Polene
Second Course: Quail, Turnips, Cabbage, Almond Cakes
Third Course: Venison, Flummery, Kale, Suckets
Final Course: fresh fruit and a variety of artisanal

And of course there may be a surprise or two! There is only one way to find out, make your registrations soon the dead line for making your reservations closing in fast! September 1st! There is a limited number of seats so the earlier you make your reservations the better. (We may be able to accommodate some dietary restrictions only with plenty of advanced notice) Feast Reservations: Contact the Autocrat: Lady Sancha Galindo de Toledo (Tatiana Rogozinski) ladysanchagalindo@yahoo.com.

General seating will be available throughout the day for those who do not wish to feast and there are several restaurants just two miles north at exit 183. Then we will finish off the evening with plenty of dancing.

Site Fee: $5 for adults
$3 for children between 8-15
Free for 7 and under
$2 non-member surcharge
Feast Fee: $15 for adults
$10 for children between 8-15
Free for children 7 and under
$2 surcharge at the door
Family cap: $50, including feast
Immediate family only
Checks made payable to "SCA, Inc.-Caerthe" Location:
Incipient Canton of Ravenhyrst (Castle Rock, Colorado)