Pennsic 36 Cry-Side Thank-You

THL Michael Langley of Riversmeet, Cry Coordinator for Pennsic 36, sends his thanks to those who gave their time to volunteer for the Heralds at this year's War.

His Lordship writes:

Good Gentles,

The following very hard-working people volunteered to help cry the public areas of Pennsic 36, and are worthy of our thanks for their efforts:

  • Lady Petra Goodwin (AEthelmearc)
  • Thelia Baroncelli (Flaming Gryphon, Middle)
  • Lord John Skinner (Rivenstar, Middle)
  • Newt (Middle)
  • Ulf Gangler of House Ravenwolf (Shire of Rivenvale, Middle)
  • Lord Cormac Tobin (Black Diamond, Atlantia)
  • Njall Olaf Hagerson (Meridies)
  • Katarain Dachlen
  • Dustin McGroyne (Atlantia)
  • Kenneth MacAndrew (Revelwood, East)

My thanks, for assistance with message board setup:
Master John von der Velde (Technical Services Department Head, Pennsic 36)

The Cry Herald Golf-Cart Drivers (all from Ealdormere) who -- through rain, heat, and mud -- gave Cry-Side the mobility it needed to post on 40 message boards around the site, and provided suggestions that decreased posting time and improved the route:

  • Lord Lerthan uingen Chormaiccmaicc Morgaind
  • Baroness Kaiya of Skrael
  • Countess Susanna the Unyielding
  • THL Evan Quicktongue
  • Lord Gyric of Otershaghe

And to my Cry-Side Staff:
Lady Florian du Pompier (Deputy Cry Coordinator (Cry 2)) (AEthelmearc)

My thanks also to:

  • Duchess Marion FitzWilliam, OP (Deputy Mayor for Information Services, Pennsic 36)
  • Baroness Anna of the Western Hill (Information Point Director)
  • Baron Devon Adair Bartholomy, OP (Deputy Mayor, Technical Services, Pennsic 36) (for several things, especially getting the printer connected on the computer in the Staff Trailer)
  • Master Thorvald Redhair (War Herald, Pennsic 36)
  • Duchess Genevieve de Rosse (Royalty Liaison, Pennsic 36)
  • Lady Mathildis De'Ath (Pennsic Morale Officer) (Thanks for the Freezy Pops, sandwiches, water, ice, etc.!)
  • Dame Hrothny Rognvaldsdottir (Quartermaster) (my apologies for misspelling your name, but my keyboard doesn't have the proper characters...) who -- as at several previous Pennsics -- sometimes seemed to be handing Cry Side what it needed, even as I was making the request!:)
  • And probably a number of other gentles whose names escape me at the moment...:) Because you were there, the word got out.What would be the best way of getting this cross-posted to the Kingdom Lists for the other Kingdoms who provided volunteers (Atlantia, Meridies, East, Middle, Ealdormere), as I'm not on said lists, but would like to thank them on their own Kingdom Lists?

In Service,

THL Michael Langley of Riversmeet
Cry Coordinator, Pennsic 36

Editor's Note: A special additional thank-you to THL Michael and his staff for their generous and hardworking efforts to promote this year's Pennsic Blood Drive! It was very successful, in part because of their hard work. —Milica