Why I went to Pennsic for 41 hours (and have the pictures to prove it)

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva shares her adventures at Pennsic - and some of her photos.

Shava writes:

A few know this tale but now it's time to let everyone in on the joke.

Most of you know that I haven't been to Pennsic for a long while, and it's not that I don't like Pennsic. I love it. But I really have come to loathe camping. Up until the last few days I figured it was close to impossible to do Pennsic without camping. We'll see what the future has in store on that account for me, but for now, an odd tale of why I went to Pennsic for 39 hours.

Giles went to Pennsic on the first Saturday (first time he's ever been there in week one) and then had to come home cuz he asked for the wrong week off (don't ask me but we know it will NOT happen again). He drove out the first Saturday and then train/bussed it home the following Monday so he could be back to work Tuesday morning. We went over to the hospital to check on some stuff for him, and he found out that the person who was on vacation this week (the reason he couldn't have vacation for war week) had canceled her vacation last Friday. *gack* Now, we have to admit that the cosmic nature of the universe made it all work out okay by delivering US$13K worth of bows Tuesday that probably couldn't have been delivered if he wasn't home and we'd have had to pay for storage or something... but I digress. By 9am Tuesday he found out that he could take off Thursday and Friday so was going to try to get the train back two days earlier than planned. We couldn't get him a seat on the train either of those days (and I didn't even think of sending him back by Greyhound since I'm not big on buses myself, I just don't think of them) and he was still going to have to wait until Friday to do that route back on the reservation he already had. That would have gotten him back to camp about 5am Saturday morning. It wasn't an great scenario so I tried something else. After tracking down a house/critter sitter (thanks, Sara & Bridei!!!) and talking to my boss about taking those days off, by 11:30am it looked like I was actually going to go to Pennsic for a few days for the first time in 5 years (last time I was Princess). Basically, I drove him back. ;-) I realized that I've missed it a lot but but at that point I got very excited. I figured I could handle camping for two nights (we picked up a new cot big enough for me on our way and it did help me survive).

Wheeeeeeeeeee, I found myself heading to Pennsic at 3pm on Wednesday afternoon, 27 1/2 hours after making the decision to go. We made it almost to Ohio that night and then the rest of the day on Thursday. Unfortunately, we ran into a small part of the rain that plagued this War (I understand that it will go down as one of the most consistently soggy wars of all time) and didn't make it to camp until about 4pm Thursday. I was home. The Northshield pavilion was a welcome sight, and the wonderful look of astonishment on most people's faces was certainly worth part of the trip. The weather decided to let us get camp set up before another deluge hit, and we just settled back to catch up on what everyone had been doing that week. I'll leave the real war stories to the real participants but it was good to be home.

Needless to say, when you only have 4pm Thursday to 9am on Saturday to be at Pennsic, there's a lot that you don't see and can't do. My camera did come out for a bit on Friday but not nearly as much as it would have if I hadn't wanted to be a participant in my own life rather than a spectator. You can find the few pictures I took by clicking on "original article" below, and I hope that many more will post their views of the war after they get home, rest up and dry off. I can say that I made it mostly around camp by the end of the weekend, ran into many old friends, got to see Northshield in battle on the river and fight honourably and notably, hear good music and stories, hear of great deeds in battle and of honours awarded in court, sing with friends, eat fruity cobbler again and enjoy a quart of the best chocolate milk in the world again. Most of all, I was home with my friends in our version of Brigadoon and it was good. It was very good. (Now, if I can work out how to do it without camping, I may just be able to go back. We'll see what life holds in the future.)

What I can say is, life is a bit odd at times. So, enjoy my few pics and hopefully more from others will join them soon. Enjoy the stories that others will tell. But most of all, know that Northshield did themselves proud this Pennsic! It is so good to be from Northshield.