Non-Medical Volunteers Needed for Chirurgeons' Point and Battles at Pennsic

Volunteers with no medical or first aid training will be in great demand at the upcoming Pennsic War's Chirurgeons' Point and at the battles. Upon entering Chirurgeons' Point at the Pennsic War, patients are greeted, offered a drink, asked to fill out a treatment form, and settled to wait for someone to see to their complaints -- usually all without having talked to an actual Chirurgeon. The volunteer at the reception desk was most likely a Chirurgeon's Scribe, a non-medically-trained volunteer whose job it is to greet patients and take information.

The Chirurgeons have a long history of utilizing scribes to help with the burden of patient paperwork, and this year the staff hopes to increase this volunteer activity. Scribes work for four-hour shifts throughout the day and night, just like Chirurgeons, with 1-2 scribes assigned to the reception desk at the Point. Scribes will also be needed for each battle, where they will be assigned to help take information for treating Chirurgeons at the battlefield points.

In addition to scribing, non-medical volunteers can assist with fundraising, supply inventory, running errands, and doing light housekeeping.

All Chirurgeon Scribes must be 18 years of age or older due to legal requirements. The Chirurgeons would like to encourage anyone under the age of 18 to volunteer at the Point for activities such as running errands and delivering messages.

Anyone wishing to volunteer to assist the Chirurgeons may sign up at Chirurgeons' Point. Please bring a photo I.D. There will be training sessions for volunteers throughout the War. Check at the Point for dates and times.

For more information on Chirurgeon activites at the Pennsic War, visit the Pennsic Chirurgeon website by clicking above. For more information on non-medical volunteer activities, contact Milica of Varna at .

Have a safe and healthy War!

Lady Milica of Varna
Non-Medical Volunteer Coordinator

volunteers at chirurgeons

yea recived ur letter,thanks yes maybe interested in volunter work with the chirurgeon, this is my first coming this year and sure like to do something to help sence im coming alone. let me know if you still need help, and info on it. thanks michael. email

Re: volunteers at chirurgeons

Thanks for the offer. I have informed Lady Milica ( that she can obtain your email address from your comment posted here.