Harvest Days

This year Harvest Days will be holding the Kingdom Tournament of Chivalry, in which Knights stand ready to fight unbelted fighters from across the Kingdom. Unbelts have the opportunity to trade blows with the Knights of the Kingdom for training purposes, or to test their skill.

After the TOC we will be holding our Traditional Tavern Brawl, in which combatants bring unusual and humorous duct tape foam weapons. Children are encouraged to create their own foam projectiles during children's activities and add to the festivities by targeting their favorite fighter.

A dozen A&S classes ranging from tablet weaving to blacksmithing will accompany the day, as well as thrown weapons, Archery, and Rapier activities.

Duchess Sabine de Rouen has been placed on Vigil and will be elevated to the Order of the Pelicanate during court.

Feast will be provided by Mistress Helewyse and is guaranteed to be as delicious as it is historically period.

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