Wolf Company sunshade disapears from Pennsic battle field

This article is a plea to the populace of the Known World to please help Wolf Company locate their battle field sunshade.

Muirenn ingen Uaithne writes:

On Saturday, August 11, 2007 Wolf Company went to the Pennsic Battle field to pick up our sunshade. What we found, however was nothing but an empty box. We are trying to remain positive, in hopes that some one broke it down and took it home with them as an honest mistake. The missing sunshade is a white King Canopy carport 10 x 20 feet with side windows it contained our banner stands, a black chair, and the box it came in. Three of the legs to the sunshade were crushed on the ends so they did not have the plastic feet on them. It was located on the Midrealm side of the battle field behind the Kingdom of Atlantia’s sunshade. If you have any information about the missing sunshade please contact Lady Muirren at mmseneschal@yahoo.com Thank you for your help.