Titus Andronicus to play at University of Arizona

The University of Arizona's Theatre Department will present William Shakespeare's "Titus Andronicus" March 2-29, 2008.

One of the Bard's earliest plays, it "is a sordid tale of revenge spawned from political turmoil. At the outset, Titus' loyalty to the Roman state is absolute and he displays his civic virtue in his willingness to sacrifice his sons in battle to preserve the empire. Yet under the rule of a new emperor and his wife, Queen of the Goths, Rome becomes an unjust place that preys on Titus' remaining family. Realizing all of his sacrifices are in vain, Titus turns his fierce loyalty away from the state solely to the remnants of his kin, planning a vendetta against the royal familly that will lead to their bloody end."

Cost to attend: US$17-26. For more information, or for tickets, see the Website at www.uatheatre.org.