Many Thanks to the Chroniclers of the Oaken Region

I would like to thank all the wonderful Chroniclers of the Oaken Region of the Middle Kingdom for all the work they have done.

Being a Chronicler is often a thankless, and over-looked position. However, it is by the efforts of the Chroniclers that our wonderful history as an organisation is recorded. Without the Chroniclers, we would not have much, if any, history of how the SCA has grown.

In particular, I would like to thank the following gentles for their continued work as Chronicler for their groups.

FORMAT: Chronicler - Name of Group - Name of Newsletter

Coleta Rose - Barony Fenix - Flammeus Alles
Ursula the Widow - Marche of Alderford - The Alder Leaf
Faelan mac Carmaic - Canton of Border Keep, Incip. - Oak Leaves
Mathilda Harper - Castell Gwent - The No Bull Newsletter
Gwalchmai ap Bledig - Barony Middle Marches - The Vigil

It is my hope that I will soon be able to pass off the mantle of Oaken Regional Chronicler to someone new who will have the same enthusiasm for the duties of the office as these other gentles have shown.

Your servant,
Fionnseach de Lochielle
Oaken Regional Chronicler
living in Dernehealde, Barony Middle Marches, Midrealm