Three Dead, Three Wounded in Sword Attack

In Irvine, California (USA), a man who was under treatment for schizophrenia entered a grocery store and attacked six people with a sword, killing two of them before police fatally shot him. At about 9:30 Sunday morning, thirty-year-old Joseph Hunter Parker entered a store where he had previously worked as a grocery bagger. Parker drew a Samurai-style sword and attacked nearby shoppers. Two did not survive the attacks, while three others are recovering from their wounds. Police shot Parker when he attempted to confront one of the officers.

Parker had served as a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician (EMT), and was described as someone who would not have been expected to commit such a violent act. He was, however, severely mentally ill with schizophrenia, a disease that can cause a person to hear commanding "voices" from nowhere. Schizophrenia is often controllable with medication, but it can cause violent behavior if the medication is skipped or the dosage is incorrect.

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Does this mean that soon people will have to go through a national background check to buy a sword?