2007 West Kingdom Arts & Sciences Tourney

Come take part in fantastic classes under the shade of beautiful trees and on cool grass.

Site Information
Ed Levin Park
Spring Valley Pond area
2100 Calaveras Rd
Milpitas CA 95035

Site opens at noon Friday
Site closes at 5 PM Sunday

Site Fee
Members: $8
Non-members: $11
Children under 12: $4
Note: Class fees are payable directly to instructors.

Site Rules
All pets must be on a leash or secured safely. Please pick up after your pet.

Western Fire Regulations will be enforced on all green grass area. NO fires of any kind on dry grass areas, per park regulations. NO driving on the grass; the park is kindly providing carts for transport.


  • Practical Science: Model or recreation of a cooking device, such as a cheese mold, counterweight spit, sauce pan, etc. Documentation should include the name and recipe of a dish that would have been prepared using the cooking device.
  • Practical Science: Paper on fitting techniques for tailored garments during SCA-period.
  • Technical Science: Model or re-creation of a siege engine.
  • Technical Science: Paper on the types of pottery glazes and finishes, including majolica and floor tiles.
  • Fine Art: Create a fitted garment and document the fitting technique
  • Fine Art: Glazed pottery.
  • Performing Art: Instrumental Piece - English Court Music.
  • Performing Art: Poem or Song - Topic: A Battle.

The Barony of Vinhold will be hosting a breakfast fundraiser on Saturday morning from 7:30 to 10:30 am. Breakfast will be in the baronial pavilion (rectangular canvas with the arms of Vinhold on the roof), and will include: yogurt and cereal, Scotch eggs, fruit, muffins, danishes, juice, milk, and coffee. Suggested donation of between $2 and $5, with proceeds going to baronial regalia.

From either I-680 or I-880, take the Calaveras Rd exit in Milpitas. Drive east towards the foothills on Calaveras Rd. Calaveras Rd passes through the southern portion of Ed Levin Park. Continue along Calaveras Rd, past Downing Rd... Turn right into the Spring Valley Pond parking lot

*** Carpooling is encouraged ***

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Kingdom of the West (Milpitas California)