SCA Asian Persona Survey

Kamaitachi no Kansuke requests help with a survey of SCAdians with Asian personas.


My name is Kamaitachi no Kansuke, known to some as "Spearweasel". I can be found in the Barony of Bryn-Gwlad, Ansteorra. I am interested in gathering names, locations, and contact information from SCAdians playing personae that hail from Asia: China, Japan, Korea, India, and the Mongol Empire. You may think of this as a crude census if you like, so that all of us can get a clearer picture of how many such players are actually out there.

I have already placed a website online (click on "original article.")

Because there are already plenty of email groups in existence, this will not be used in that capacity. It will primarily be used to foster a sense of community and solidarity among its members. In my experience, there are many more of us out there than most are aware of, but there has been seemingly little concerted effort to bring everyone together in one place. It is my fondest wish that this project will help in some minute way. If you have pictures, or a website that you'd like linked to, please include those as well. I have not decided on a format for individual entries yet, as that will depend largely on the sort of response I get. Finally, I ask that you pass this message along to other email lists or communities that you think might be interested.

Please contact me at your convenience at

Kamaitachi no Kansuke
aka "Spearweasel"