Tarl's polearm tourney II

Tarl Shadowraven has announced that he will sponsor a Polearm Tournament at Pennsic XXXVI

The tournament will take place on Saturday August 4 at 1:00 p.m. at the White List. The format will be a "bear pit with a preference for small lists to ensure more fighting."

Tarl Shadowraven writes:

"The only requirement is to show up with your polearm and be ready to have a good time. Any skill level will be admitted. There will be a multitude of prizes including but not limited to massages, T-shirts, gift baskets, and gift certificates to armorers as well as training with great fighters like Duke Sir Brannos, Duke Sir Ragnvaldr, his Majesty Rurik of Aethelmearc and more. There will also be a grand prize that will be personally defended by "The Tarl." But this tournament isn't about winning. It is about glory, telling stories, and PRIZES. Yes, prizes will abound for everything from 'best fight,' 'most chivalrous,' 'fighting the longest (as in years),' ‘best polearm name,’ ‘ugliest helmet,’ and any other reason we can come up with to give out prizes because we aim for EVERYONE to get a prize!"