Content Wanted for the Fall Issue of Mead, Meat & More

ban-Ollaimh Cinniu ingen Cuthbaid, Editor of Mead, Mead & More, the quarterly subsidiary publication to the Northstar (Northshield’s A&S newsletter), is seeking submissions for the Fall 2007 issue. Submissions are due by August 18, 2007.

ban-Ollaimh Cinniu ingen Cuthbaid writes:

Mead, Meat & More is a quarterly subsidiary publication to Northstar (Northshield’s A&S newsletter) focused on food and beverages. I’m putting together the next issue, and I need your help!

A special shout-out to those who contributed to this year’s WW Baronial Festival and Open House: please consider writing about your contribution!

What We’re Looking For
I’m looking for articles (long or short) about food and beverages – and/or about the equipment and processes involved in processing foods and beverages. My goal is to publish one article from each category below per issue, but I can only do that with your help!

  • Recipe Research & Development
  • Book Review
  • Feast Results
  • Feast Review
  • Resources
  • Miscellany

To learn more about these categories and how to submit articles and/or photos/artwork, please visit the Mead, Meat & More Web page (click on "original article")

If these categories don’t light your fire, or if you have a subject that just doesn’t fit one of them, I’ll still consider your submission for publication! And don’t worry if you’re not a practiced writer; the editorial staff (hello!) is standing by to wordsmith your article -- if you want me to.

Publication Schedule
The fall issue is scheduled to be published on September 1, 2007. Submissions are due August 18, 2007. Please visit the Mead, Meat & More Web page ( for submission guidelines and instructions. Early submissions are very, very welcome!

Subscriptions at $16 (US) for four issues, or you may purchase single issues for $4. Please visit the Mead, Meat & More Web page ( for subscription/purchase forms and instructions.

Please contact me at

Yours in Service,

- ban-Ollaimh Cinniu ingen Cuthbaid, OL
Editor, Mead, Mead & More