Leave no rubbish behind!

Raven, the East Kingdom Waterbearer-in-Charge, begs a "small boon" of the good people of the SCA: Please pick up after yourselves!

Raven writes:

The sun rose on a glorious day...a cool breeze played over the field, as folk came out to watch the battles. The fighting was fine, with many a good blow given and received, and all fighters and their people enjoying a good day out on the Field. When the day was over, and the fighting was done, the noble folk packed up their pavilions and armor and left the field...except for a few, who seemed to be wandering over the field in search of something, with bags in hand...for what were they looking for? Was there some small item of value lost, that was being searched for, so carefully? No...it was just the waterbearers...cleaning up garbage that had been thoughtlessly left on the field. Bottles, cups, and other such items, that had been carelessly dropped, and left for others to pick up.

For over ten years, it has been my privilege to give some small service in doing waterbearing, and it seems a given thing that the waterbearers are expected to clean up the field. The East is not alone in this way of thinking, to be sure-the same scenario given here has been endlessly replayed at Pennsic and Gulf Wars. And at those large events, it is often that we find not only cups and plastic bottles, but such things as glass jars {from pickles & such}, dumped garbage from household groups who perhaps had a daycamp by the field, and other items best not mentioned in polite society.

To the good fighters and their household groups who support them, I ask this boon; make a point of being courteous, and do not leave your rubbish for someone else to pick up. If you take something out on the field, remember that if you drop it on the ground, it is not the brownies who will come and take away your clutter-it is often gentle ladies who must clean up the grounds, so that the next time fighting is done in that field, there is no risk to other fighters that they might damage themselves on broken bottles and such. There is no official group to come and remove garbage; but it has fallen often to the waterbearers of all kingdoms to play trash collector. Most of the groups are very good about this, but there are some folk who just don't remember that their trash is their responsibility. Please remember to take a garbage bag out to the field with you, and check to be sure that your household leaves no rubbish behind.

My thanks, good folk.