Company of Medieval Aviculturists becomes international

The Company of Medieval Aviculturists became a truly international guild on July 23rd, 2007, with addition of a new member from the Kingdom of Lochac.

The guild was founded on August 14, 2006 in the East Kingdom as a gathering place for the study of the arts and sciences of medieval aviculture with a focus on the history, care, and conservation of companion birds, both captive and in the wild.

Lochac is home to many wild parrot populations, including most species of cockatoos, cockatiels, budgerigars (mis-named by Americans as the group designator of "parakeet", a group that includes the Indian species kept abundantly in medieval european aviculture as well as conures and quaker parrots), the nectarvorous lorikeets, and many species of finches and doves popular in aviculture.

The Company is pleased to welcome Lochac to the guild and hopes many more gentles in Lochac will consider the Company as a place to study and learn about companion birds in period.

For those interested, the group is located at

Membership is open to anyone and all who are interested in companion birds. Stewardship of a bird is not required for membership. For those with birds, the guild provides information, insight, and assistance dealing with day to day issues related to the keeping of companion birds, all in addition to research and teaching efforts.