Fluffy Duck Tavern

The Fluffy Duck Tavern is once again offering an easy evening of relaxed company. Wander in after the day is done and sample the talents of Politarchopolis' Brewers and good wholesome food. Stay a while and pit our wits and your purse against others in the Tavern or just sit in the corner and enjoy the entertainment.

Prizes for the evening are best Brew as judged by all, and best entertainment/game.

Requests for all Brewers and Game Players, to come along and bring their best.

The Details:-
Where: Murrangundie Guides Hall; Verge Place Charnwood ACT, Australia
When: 28th July 2007
Time: Lists open at 1pm
Tawny 2-5pm
Doors open 6pm. Kitchen opens 6.30pm
Cost: $15 members, $18 non-members.

Bookings: Lord Rodri Ysoglaig (email: rthcs@hotmail.com

As we also know there will be drinking and we also know that drinking in taverns means tavern brawls.

As the Politarchopolis captain of fence I think that it would be safer to have the fighting before the drinking so no one gets hurt.

To this end There will be a tavern brawl rapier tawny held in the afternoon before the tavern opens to warm us up while we wait for opening hours and to give us something to discuss/brag/commiserate about in the tavern.

Lists to open at 1 Tawny starting at 2 till 5 hall opens at 6 There will be several event formats in the 'tournament'(on table tops, across barriers,etc Think 'shwashbuckle') Location:
Barony of Politarchopolis (Charnwood, ACT)