"Finding Our Past" Tour to Salute Amateur Archaeologists

The Journal: The Mildenhall Treasure will return to East Anglia as part of a touring exhibition highlighting treasures found by British amateur archaeologists. A fabulous Roman platter decorated with scenes from a mythical feast, Iceni torcs, a chess set from the Isle of Lewis featured in the Harry Potter movies, and many more treasures will be displayed in an upcoming traveling exhibition that will be making the rounds of England over the next few years. The exhibit will salute the work of amateur archaeologists who, with the help of metal detectors, have been responsible for many of the historic finds now displayed in British museums.

An spokesman from the British Museum said, "Responsible metal detecting and reporting of finds has greatly enhanced our historical knowledge. It has enabled archaeologists to examine the contexts of finds as well as the find itself, helping us to understand how objects were used, their ritual or social significance and why they came to be at the site."