Japanese Kimono & Hakama Sewing Class

On July 21st-22nd, Mistress Ella Gajewi von Pommern will be teaching a sewing class on Japanese Kimono and Hakama. The costumes are planned for our Fettburg's Midsummer Feast on August 18th, which is going to be a traditional Japanese Feast.

Japanese Kimono & Hakama Sewing Class

July 21 -22, 2007

United Lutheran Church
649 Northgate Drive, Manteca

Please bring your own lunch, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks

Potluck lunch.

There will be two sewing machines, and Ella will have one pattern for all to work off of. If you prefer to have your own patterns to keep and to use at class please visit "Folkwear" patterns website to order or try getting them used on eBay. Below lists the pattern numbers and links to their location.

Patterns to be used for Class:
Folkwear Pattern #113 Japanese Kimono
Folkwear Pattern #151 Japanese Hakama & Kataginu


  • Scissors
  • Marking pen or pencil
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Tape measure
  • Pre-washed fabric
  • A list of your measurements

Before buying fabric, they should read the article on kimonos in the Skald. The latter part has lists of colors and patterns appropriate for Summer wear. During the class, people will be able to cut out their kimono & baste it together.

FABRIC (for Kimono):
45" wide fabric: bring 4½ - 4¾ yards (the larger amount for those over 5'4'').
36" wide fabric: bring 5⅛ to 5⅝ yards.

NOTE: For XXL size, add 1 yard for the 45" and 1½ yards for the 36" wide fabrics. If you are using a LOOSE-WEAVE fabric, remember that they can loose up to ¼ yard in shrinkage to the length.

FABRIC (for Hakama): Needs 54" or 60" wide fabric
Waist Size 22 - 32" (2¾- 3¾ yards)
Waist Size 34 - 40" (4½ - 4¾yards)
Waist Size 42 - 50" (5¼ - 5⅞yards)
NOTE: 45" wide fabric can be used, but it requires the fabric be cut & sewn to fit the pattern, which will not work for some prints or stripes.

http://www.fettburg.org/fb_japanese_kimono_class.htm Location:
Barony of Fettburg (Manteca, California)

I'm well past the expiration

I'm well past the expiration of this post, that is for sure.  I have been looking for patterns to make a kimono for ages (like the one linked). This gives me an idea at least of how to get started.