One Knight's Quest

Sir Master Brand deux-Leons of the Kingdom of An Tir has announced the results of the "Buy-a-Life Tourney" in support of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) at the recent West-An Tir War, and issues a challenge to continue support for the LLS.

Sir Master Brand writes:

Unto the Citizens of The SCA.

I am Sir Master Brand deux Leons (MPel) of An Tir and address you with a request for your consideration.

At the recent West-An Tir War, several of us organized a "Buy-a-Life Tourney" in support of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). We were amazed by the generosity of the fighters and populace of the Kingdoms of The West and An Tir who contributed over $1,000.00 (One Thousand Dollars, USD) in donations and pledges to this campaign.

The current LLS campaign I am in has sponsorships available at the $1,250.00 level. Sponsors get their logo and name on the jerseys of the approx. 450 "Team in Training" (TNT) Athletes participating from the Washington and Alaska Chapters (part of An Tir & The West). These athletes and their jerseys will be seen at all TNT events this season... the Nike Woman's Marathon in California, Portland Marathon, Triathlon at Pacific Grove and Honolulu Century Cycle.

I thought "How great would it be to have the SCA's Arms and name on the jersey along with other big corporations?" So, I asked the LLS and the SCA BoD if that would be OK (if the members donated the $1,250.00) and both said 'Yes'.

The LLS said donors going through my Website ( could donate and just add the initials "SCA" to the last of whatever name they used and they (the LLS) would add all the SCA amounts together and the SCA would be qualified as a sponsor if contributions total at or above $1,250.00.

Now, it is right that The Kingdoms of the West & An Tir donate the majority of the funds... this campaign involves Team in Training athletes from our areas. However, since we work to put the Society Arms on the jerseys, I thought a few people from each Kingdom might want to contribute, so that it is truly an SCA-Wide endeavor. Currently, we are only ~$250.00 short of the Sponsorship Level. A small donation from the populace of each Kingdom would have the goal met. More, of course, would be welcomed, but ~$250.00 is all that is needed to get the SCA's Arms and Name on the jerseys, if all other pledges come through.

I know there are literally thousands of excellent causes out there: Katrina relief, your own Kingdom travel funds, local schools, etc. Fundraising for non-profits (the SCA and many others) is one of the things I do*. But, if anyone could contribute (or hold a garage sale, etc. and donate some of the proceeds, etc. by the end of July) I would be grateful and especially proud to wear the Arms of the SCA on my back as I pedal.

I remain available for questions and clarifications, or suggestions to how to raise funds for _your_ favorite group.

Yours in service to the Gift that is the Society,
Sir Master Brand deux-Leons of An Tir, KSCA, MPel.
(G.Robin Smith -

For lots of links and info on these campaigns and what I do:

* For an online (if old) version of my soon-to-be-updated book "Educational Demonstrations and Fundraising for the SCA" see

This email and request does not delineate SCA policy, nor does it seek funds from any SCA accounts. It is from one member of the SCA to all other members. However, the Board of Directors of the SCA _has_ given their consent for the use of the Arms and Name of the SCA to be used for this effort, if the minimum donation mentioned above is achieved.