Lochac Twelfth Night XLII

In November XLII a tourney shall be fought, and from among the combatants a victor shall be sought. So hotly contested shall this tourney be. Service is the prize above all, for which they fight. To shoulder a burden held by many before.

Soon it will be time to bid farewell, to those who service we have known so well. Their time is but short, and the memories sweet, of the people and places of a kingdom repleat. So gather your memories, bring them to share, on a day full of endings and beginnings a great pair. It is our most noble pleasure to invite one and all to journey to the Shire of Agaricus to share in the pagentry and spectacle of Twelfth Night XLII to be held on the 12th & 13th Days of January Anno Societetatis XLII, the year 2008 in the common era.

http://www.twelfth-night.rhawn.com/ Location:
Shire of Agaricus (Sydney, Australia)