Bardic Circle Publications

Calling All Writers! Bardic Circle Publications needs you! Bardic Circle Publications, the new publishing imprint for SCA fiction, is putting together a collection of short stories from SCA members to SCA members.

The proprietor, Hasan ibn-Haroun al-Quirtibah (mka Chris Bradley) writes:

We are looking for period historical fiction and fantasy prose works – you got it, short stories! We suspect that a lot of you, out there, right now, have short stories on your hard drive. Well, send 'em in! Or write new ones.

We're looking for prose. We want what you want to send us! Fantasy, historical fiction, science-fiction, modern fantasy, romance -- what you have, we want. get personal a bit, both Santiago and I are avid readers. We like stories! Both of us are writers, too. Both of us believe that there are huge untapped reserves of potential in the SCA for prose storytelling. That there are people who are dying to have a place to be read. We both KNOW you people are talented and we're dying to read your material, and we want to publish it and pay you some coin for doing it. The biggest motivations in all of this is to get together with other people in the SCA and share the talent we know is out there with everyone.

You can find details about what we're looking for, submission guidelines and answers to other questions at:

Also, check out our website frequently for updates and additional information. We'll be posting the major updates, but who knows what goodies will show up, there!