Raven Faire

Midsummer is a time to celebrate the bounty of the warm season and all of its pleasures. The Shire of Crystal Crags invites you to our inaugural summer event, RAVEN'S FAIRE! Come play with us as we enjoy a weekend of lighthearted games and competition. Keep cool in the summer sun with our water balloon melee and the soothing Wall O' Mist. Camping sites are available for the weekend.


ARCHERY CHAMPIONSHIP - Who will hold the Winner's trophy arrow for the year?

GAMES TOURNEY - Compete in a series of events to include slingshot, trebuchet, javelin, sling, axe-throwing, bowling, and others. Play for the fun of it, or vie with other players for the title of Games Champion.


For those who are willing to get wet in the hot summer sun, there will be a water balloon melee. And who knows what sort of gleeful troll may be lurking about, ready to dampen the unwary traveler? There will BE individual and team games to participate in during the afternoons.

We will also be having our famous AUCTION Saturday night.


There will be some simple foodstuffs available for sale, and there are firepits for cooking - Fire regulations permitting. Slushies will be for sale in the afternoons.


Castle Silver Oak (the same site as Barbarian Bash) Take your best route to the intersection of MT Hwy 2 and MT Hwy 93. Head East (right) on Hwy 2 (stay in right hand lane) which will turn into MT Hwy 35. Continue on Hwy 35 to Hwy 206 (approx 7 miles) and turn left (north). Continue north to Trap Rd. (approx 7 miles). Turn left on Trap rd. and look for signs. 286 Trap Rd.


This is a private site, please be respectful of the owners' wishes. NO PETS please. The site is WET, so bring your period containers!


$8.00 for camping all weekend or $5.00 per day trip. Family cap of $25.00. $3 non-member surcharge applies. Kids under twelve free. Make checks payable to the Shire of Crystal Crags, SCA INC.


No fee to merchant just a small donation to the auction Location:
Crystal Crags