SCA Bladesmith on The Discovery Science Channel

Njall Olaf Hagarson (Scott B. Jaqua), of the kingdom of Caid, has announced that he will appear crafting weapons on the Discovery Science Channel's Faces of Earth program on August 9, 2007.

Lord Njall writes:

As some of you may know, I was filmed last Summer for possible inclusion in a TV show. That Show is the Science Channel's mini series "Faces of Earth". I received world today that I will be shown on the forth episode "A Human World" on August 9th at 10:00pm. Of course that will be while I am at Pennsic, but that is what I have DVR for.

I was filmed forging a pattern welded ax and flat casting some pewter. I have no idea what or how much of what they filmed that they are going to use. The point of this episode was to link industrial evolution to earth science. They wanted an Iron Age smith at work. I can only hope they liked what I gave them. They were running two cameras the whole time. So it could be full body working shots or just a close-up of my hands. Who knows.

The entire schedule of this series is as follows

Faces of Earth:

  • Building the Planet: Monday July 23rd at 9pm
  • Shaping the Planet: Thursday, July 26th at 9pm
  • Assembling America: Thursday August 2nd at 10pm
  • A Human World: Thursday August 9th at 10pm

This series is put together by Discovery and Evergreen Films. They were great folks to work with. And they have an amazing resume. I can only believe that this will be an amazing series.