Pas d´Armes

WHEREAS it is the bounden duty of Knights and gentlemen-at-arms to keep their skills honed at the ready should His Majesty call them to battle, and whereas the Noble and gentle ladies of the land are desirous to be entertained by the feats of honor, it is the privilege of the incipient Canton of Readstan to invite all those of noble comportment and lineage to test their mettle on the field of combat.

Please join us on the Feast day of Saint Maurice, Patron Saint of Swordsmiths, Infantrymen, Dyers and Clothmakers. The specific contests will be announced in next month´s newsletter. This is a formal event, and the best and most courteous demeanor is required of all who attend. There will be a Grand Processional as well as a Helm Display, when the Ladies of the Gallery will inspect the helms and determine if the combatants are allowed to enter the lists.

Duties of the Combatant: To fight for the honor of a Lady of the Gallery, to comport themselves in a chivalrous and honorable manner, to engage the services of a Herald and adorn said Herald in a tabard with their arms, to hide any mundanity upon their person, and to display their best tournament armor and banners.

Duties of the Ladies: To be the grace that inspires greatness, to attend to the contests so they may collectively determine the most valiant and most chivalrous, to call to task those who have displeased and to compliment good deeds.

Duties of the Heralds: To speak truly of the great prowess of their employer, to assure the combatant is correctly entered into the lists, and to issue challenges as directed, in their most eloquent manner.More details forthcoming. Inquiries may be sent to Countess Matilda Seton at _dwso21@aol.com_ ( Location:
Incipient Canton of Readstan (Littleton, Colorado)