Meridian Grand Tournament

Have you been looking for a day of pageantry to show off all those fancy items you've been working on all year? Are you looking for some of the best heavy fighting this Kingdom has to offer? Do you want to be able to sit under your day shade and have food brought around to you and have entertainers to entertain you, all while you get to watch your friends hit each other with sticks? Then here's the event you've been waiting for!!

The Shire of Owl's Nest invites all to join us at this year's Meridian Grand Tournament at Camp Woodmen of North Alabama in Blountsville, the weekend of September 28-30, a.s. xvii!

There will be five tournaments of different styles all leading up to the Grand Tournament, each hosted by one of the various Orders in the Kingdom. The Orders will be providing snacks to all spectators throughout the day. As for the pageantry, we are encouraging everyone to come in their finest everything. Recognition will be given for the finest garb, the best on-field appearance, the most period pavilion, the best heraldic display, and the best banners. We will be hosting a celebration at the end of the day with a light buffet geared towards the fighters, but including fare for those daintier of heart as well. There also will be dancing and music at the celebration. (We are currently looking for some folks to act as live musicians for the dancing. If you are interested, please let us know.)

Field space reservations should be sent to Sir Thomas Blackmore, our Eric Coordinator, or with your event registration. Eric-side reservations will be accepted, but not guaranteed without an event registration. Pavilions with a period appearance will be given preferential spots. There are beds for 114, plus room for lots of camping away from the field. Please note in your reservation which you prefer. RVs are allowed, with a separate fee to the camp.

Please help us pass the word along to one and all. The event flyer, including all contact information, can be found at Location:
Shire of Owl's Nest (Blountsvill,Alabama)