Photos from Dub Dub

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva shares photos and memories from the recent Warriors and Warlords event in the Kingdom of Northshield.

Shava writes:

As was promised, this year's Warriors and Warlords offered everything everyone has come to expect from the event. There was fighting and dancing and heat and fighting and archery and classes and heat and fighting and courts and heat and fellowship and friendship and fighting and heat... Well, you get the idea. Despite the heat, every place I wandered I saw people having fun whether they were fighting or arching or volunteering. There were hand's-on activities in many corners of the camp from Artisan's Row to Youth Activities to the Smiths' Corner and the students were those who were new to the Society or had been in longer than I have (and everywhere in between). Many people were honoured, the highlights being Eliane Halevy and Astrid of the Yellow Rose becoming Companion's of the Order of Tyr; Ivetta van der Brueghe and Lucia Portia Sforza de Firenze joining the Order of Bridget's Flame; Alissende de Mont Fachon being made a companion of the Order of the Destrier; Ingus Moen put on vigil for the Order of the Laurel and Madeleine Bynorthewye put on vigil on Friday and then elevated to the Order of the Pelican in the Royal Court on Saturday night.

The event from my viewpoint can be foundby clicking on "original article."

Since there are so many pictures I've tried to file them a bit more than usual by dividing them into 16 separate sub-albums. I hope this works for those that wish to view these pictures. There are already two other albums there by other people so you're sure to see a lot of the event.

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