Regional Fighter Practice

The Shire of Crimson River will be holding a regional fighter practice and potluck on Saturday, July 14th, 2007. We will begin around 10:00 and keep going until everyone gets tired or it gets too dark.

Bring a dish if you want to. Leave a donation if you want to. Either way, nothing is required except that you come and enjoy our hospitality.

There will be fighting of course. We will also be working on some heraldry basics.

We will be at the Fair Grounds park in Clarksville, TN. We did not realize it when we scheduled this, but the North Tennessee State Fair will also be happening at that time. The State Fair is in the front of the park, we will be in a different area. This is not intended as a demo, but we may get some curious people from the State Fair. Please wear garb.

Take your best route to I-24. Travel I-24 West to Clarksville. You will need to exit at exit 11. There is a light at the bottom of the ramp. Turn left. You will go through the light next to Wal-Mart which is Madison. The next light you come to will be Highway 12. Keep straight through that light also. Then there's a somewhat long windy road. You will then pass the Gordon Cooper carlot on your left and come to a light. Turn left at that light (SR 48). Get in your right lane and less than a mile ahead, you will see the fairgrounds. Turn right into the fairgrounds and follow the road around to your right until you come to a T. The parking lot is on the left of the T. We will be in the Pavillion on the hill. We will try to display banners and be somewhat identifiable. Location:
Shire of Crimson River (Clarksville, Tennessee)