The Middle Ages flourish in Caer Adamant

Archery, armored combat, the charm of the medieval world, are some of the topics discussed recently when Al Kemp of the (Delaware) News Journal visited the Shire of Caer Adamant. (photos)

Kemp talked to members of the group in Middletown. Tehra Boyser says, "I love the freedoms involved in being an American right now. I was not born in the wrong century. I'm just one of those people who are constantly curious," says Boyser, who has explored many of the crafts and "gentle arts and sciences" of the SCA, including basketry, brewing, leather working, armoring, period dancing, period cooking, Viking wire weaving, etc.

"That's what I love about the group. I have gotten the chance to try so many things. And after a decade of involvement it's hard to count the classes I've taken and things I've learned," she says.