Otto Langhorn von Baden Atenveldt's first Commander of the Order of the Siege Engineers

Alianora da Lyshåret reports that Baron Otto Langhorn von Baden has been created the Premiere Commander of the Order of Atenveldt's Siege Engineer in the Kingdom of Atenveldt.

The text of His Excellency's scroll reads as follows:

Atenveldt has long fielded the mightiest army that is dreaded and feared through the known world by those who face her in battle. Atenveldts Siege Engineer's contributions to this have not gone unnoticed. During the Reign of Morgan and Livia King and Queen of all Atenveldt the Order of Atenveldt's Siege Engineer was created for his longstanding efforts in the art of Siege Warfare it is our pleasure to name Otto Langhorn von Baden as the Premier Commander of this Order. Signed by our hand this 30 day of June.