Combative Arts Retreat

Chateau de Camville, residing in the lovely lands of the Shire of Mountain's Gate (El Dorado County California), is hosting its second Combative Arts Retreat on NOVEMBER 2-4, 2007.

Chateau de Camville's
Combative Arts Retreat
November 2-4, 2007

Note: This is not an official SCA event. It is being hosted and sponsored by Chateau de Camville at a private residence.

INVITATION: Chateau de Camville, residing in the lovely lands of the Shire of Mountain's Gate (El Dorado County California), is hosting its second Combative Arts Retreat on NOVEMBER 2-4, 2007. The focus of the weekend will be to improve the skill sets of the attendees. Each day will begin with fighting classes in the first part of the day and armored drills/focused sparring in the latter part of the day. Sunday we will conclude with a mock-tournament. Please note that this is not a "beginner class" and all attendees should have a basic grasp of the foundational skills used in armored combat. Attendees should have a complete suit of armor and their own weapons. For the newer fighter (still needs to have armor/weapons mind you-grin) a Friday Basics Review Class will be offered. Various guest instructors will also be on hand. If you missed the first Combative Arts Retreat in February don't miss this one!

COMBATANTS: Combatants will need helm, weapons and shield (if used) along with normal pads for the first part of the day and should have all their armor for the second part of the session. Bring your favorite sports beverage!

NON-COMBATANTS: While the PRIMARY focus of this weekend is the Combative Arts there will be room to work on various projects. Please bring your current projects. Classes on various non-combative aspects of SCA life are currently in the works.

MEALS: Friday night dinner will be offered. Three meals on Saturday and two meals on Sunday will be offered. If you have any food allergies please let the hosts know at

RSVP's REQUIRED: Space is limited to 20! Spaces will be allotted in the order of the RSVP's submitted. Deadline for RSVP's is Friday October 26, 2007. Once all spaces are allotted we will not be able to add anyone else. A Waiting List will be created if needed.

All RSVP's will need to provide their name, email address, number in their party and any food allergies. Site fee will be paid on site. Cash or check only, please. RSVP's will be invited to join a yahoo-group list to keep updated on new classes and other activities over the weekend.

SITE INFORMATION: The weekend will happen at Chateau de Camville located at 2155 Indian Rock Road, Cool CA. 95614. Site Fee is $30.00. Site fee includes all meals, and crash/camp space. Bring your favorite beverages! Crash space in the house is available but limited for those who are traveling into the area from afar and will be assigned on an RSVP basis. Plenty of room to set up your tent and camp! Please let us know you will need crash space by dropping us a note at

DIRECTIONS: The site is access fastest (although not as scenic) from Hwy. 80 near Auburn. You'll head towards Auburn on Hwy. 80 and exit at the Elm Street/ Hwy 49 exit. Follow the signs to Hwy. 49. You will see signage directing you to Cool and Georgetown. You cruise down 49 and will see some amazing vista.and even the tallest bridge in the USA (you won't be on it but you can see it). Once you get into Cool (it is not a big place) you will make a LEFT on Hwy. 193. You will pass the Holiday Food Outlet on your right (brand new plaza). Soon after that is Cherry Acres Rd. Make a RIGHT on Cherry Acres. Follow this to India Rock Rd. Make a LEFT on Indian Rock Rd. When it FORKS stay to the LEFT. The house (which is currently light blue with dark blue trims) is on the left. We are hoping to have some signage up before the event. MAPQUEST DOES A DECENT JOB OF GETTING YOU HERE.just and FYI

PETS/ANIMALS: We have two dogs and horses on the property. Please leave your dogs at home. The property and surrounding area is very horse friendly. If you wish to bring an equine pal please let us know at

CELL PHONES: Many don't work past the intersection of Indian Rock and Cherry Acres Please be aware of this. If you have folks who may need to contact you please give them the following number to reach you at the Combative Arts Retreat. 530-885-8820

Viscount. Richard de Camville, KSCA, OL, OP
Viscountess. Elisabeth Renee de Champagne, OP
Your Hosts Location:
Chateau de Camville (Cool, California)