Heather Dale's concert schedule

Canadian folksinger (and SCAdian) Heather Dale has released her concert schedule for July-August 2007.

Heather Dale (Lady Marian of Heatherdale) writes:

Hello everyone!

I'm counting down the hours before heading off to Eastern Canada for a 5-week concert tour. Tonight Ben is playing the CD release party for his other band "The Ghost is Dancing" in Toronto (they're cheery indie pop, www.myspace.com/theghostisdancing), and then he and I will be driving through the night to play the Gigue En Fete Festival near Quebec City on Saturday. After that, it's off to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island! We've never toured the Maritimes in the height of summer before, and I'm really looking forward to it. Some of my favourite memories of Atlantic Canada include: the very real "sunny Maritime hospitality", hiking along the rocky Bay of Fundy coast, a torrential spring rain in downtown Fredericton, discovering "Heatherdale" PEI, seeing a humpback whale off the coast of Newfoundland, singing for some excited kids at Schubenacadie school, finding a Korean grocery store in Dartmouth (I love kimchi), and of course meeting hundreds of people and making new friends along the way. We've done nearly 50 concerts in Atlantic Canada over the last two years, and every one of them has been unique -- whether it's squeezing all our instruments onto tiny pub stages or singing to a few thousand people at a folk festival. Can't wait to see what wonders this tour has in store.

A lot of people have asked me who books our shows. The simple answer is "we do" -- Ben and I do all the venue finding, phone calling, media contacting, poster sending, route mapping, motel booking, and paperwork tracking that has to get done before we can even set foot on stage. I laugh about the old adage of "musician's hours" being easy... I haven't slept in for months. :) Ultimately though, I look at all the support and encouragement that people have given me in the last 10 years, and I can't help but be amazed at what my music is doing out there in the world -- I get a lot of correspondence from fans telling me how the songs I've written and recorded have eased them through a life change, or made them think about the people around them in a different light, or reminded them of fond but forgotten memories. Every day I feel very lucky about my life so far, and privileged to be standing at the center of the whirlwind. I wish I had the time to write back personally to all the letters and email I receive, but rest assured that I do read every letter, and it always makes my day.

So I hope some of you can make it to our Maritime shows -- definitely do come up and say hello; I'd love to meet you. And as always, if you can tell your friends about any upcoming concerts in their area, it makes a world of difference for us... word of mouth is a powerful tool, and it's just one of the things that keeps us crazy musicians zig-zagging across the green hills. :) Take care and have a wonderful summer!

===== EASTERN CANADA TOUR DATES: =============

  • SAT June30-SUN July01, 2007 Sainte-Marie de Beauce, QC (near Quebec City) Gigue en fete Festival
  • TUE July03, 2007 Fredericton, NB Chapters Bookstore
  • WED July04, 2007 Truro, NS Marigold Arts Centre
  • FRI July06, 2007 Liverpool, NS Privateer Days Festival
  • SAT Jul07, 2007 Halifax, NS Chapters Bookstore
  • SAT July07, 2007 West Lawrencetown, NS House Concert
  • SUN July08, 2007 Hubbards, NS Trellis Cafe
  • WED July11, 2007 Halifax, NS Stayner's Wharf
  • FRI July13, 2007 Dartmouth, NS Chapters Bookstore
  • SAT July14, 2007 Sydney, NS Crown And Moose Pub
  • SUN July15, 2007 Dartmouth, NS Celtic Corner Pub
  • MON July16, 2007 Wolfville, NS Paddy's Pub (Wolfville location) - open stage host
  • WED July18, 2007 Wolfville, NS Paddy's Pub (Wolfville location)
  • FRI July20, 2007 Kentville, NS Paddy's Pub (Kentville location)
  • SAT July21, 2007 Cole Harbour, NS Harbour Folk Society
  • SUN July22, 2007 Hubbards, NS Trellis Cafe
  • FRI July27, 2007 Fredericton, NB Charlotte Street Arts Centre
  • SAT July28, 2007 Liverpool, NS Mersey House
  • SUN July29, 2007 Hubbards, NS Trellis Cafe
  • THU-FRI Aug02-03, 2007 Charlottetown, PEI Indigo Bookstore
  • THU-FRI Aug02-03, 2007 Mount Stewart, PEI Trailside Cafe
  • SUN Aug05, 2007 Plantagenet, ON Kaleidoscope Festival
  • WED Aug08, 2007 Slippery Rock, PA, USA Pennsic Historical Festival
  • THU Aug16, 2007 Fonthill, ON Peace Park Bandshell Concert Series
  • SAT-SUN Aug 18-19, 2007 Ottawa, ON CKCU Ottawa Folk Festival
  • THU Aug23, 2007 Waterford, ON Old Town Hall Concert Series