Middle English Collection at University of Virginia

The University of Virginia has posted an online library of Middle English texts from the Oxford Text Archive. Some are illustrated, and all of the texts are searchable.

Included are:

  • Anonymous: An anthology of Chancery English [241 texts]
  • Anonymous: The York plays [47 plays]
  • Anonymous: The Towneley plays [32 plays]
  • Anonymous: The Harley lyrics [32 lyrics]
  • Anonymous: Everyman :
  • Anonymous: The alliterative Morte Arthure
  • Anonymous: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
  • Chaucer, Geoffrey, d. 1400: Troilus and Criseyde (Windeatt edition)
  • Chaucer, Geoffrey, d. 1400: The Canterbury tales (Robinson edition)
  • Henryson, Robert, 1430?-1506?: The minor poems of Robert Henryson [12 poems]
  • Henryson, Robert, 1430?-1506?: The morall fabillis of Esope the Phrygian [13 fables]
  • Henryson, Robert, 1430?-1506?: Orpheus and Eurydice
  • Langland, William, 1330?-1400?: The vision of Piers Plowman