Sport of Kings website features Sean Kirkpatrick Tarragon

Duke Sir Sean Kirkpatrick Tarragon, 9th Baron of Loch Salann, will be one of the featured instructors at An Tir's upcoming Sport of Kings event. His Grace's career is highlighted on the Sport of Kings website.

From the article:

When asked about inspirational battles, Duke Sean referenced Pheadra's Gate, at Estrella War XVII (2000). "Artemisia and Outlands were allied against Caid and Atenveldt. Calontir and the West were fighting with us that year, among others. We were pretty drastically outnumbered. The castle battle was set so that the defenders had 300 resurrections and the attackers had unlimited resurrections. The defenders had to hold the castle for one hour. The attackers had to kill the 300 resurrections, then fight to the last man, within one hour. When we attacked the castle, we killed everyone in 48 minutes. When we defended the castle, we held for the hour…with 15 resurrections available. That is why we have wars. It was truly the most epic moment I have witnessed in 22 years of fighting."