Field of the Cloth of Gold II

Greetings all good Gentles. Their Excellencies Torvald and Bianca send warmest regards and invite all to attend them at The Field of the Cloth of Gold II to determine who shall stand in vigil as Defenders of the Barony of Gryphon's Lair.

The Tourney shall be run in much the same format as last year. Because their Excellencies wish their Defenders to be artful, witty and wise in addition to deadly, each entrant shall be required to submit a letter of intent, acceptable to the day of the tourney, shall have an A&S entry with at least a 3x5 card documentation (more should you desire to showcase your knowledge of your project) a performance piece, and of course, the strength of arm to prove yourself upon the field of combat. The favor of the consort shall be a formal presentation during the procession of the entrants.

The tourney for the Coat armour shall be a three weapons tourney fought at a barrier, and shall be 9" spear, single bitted axe and footman's hammer.

RAPIER/DUELIST Tourney Format: The list will be fought in a double elimination fashion. All fighter with no losses will be limited to a single sword of a length approved by their Excellencies.

All Fighters with one (1) loss may take the field with a single sword and a defensive secondary of their choice (subject to the approval of their Excellencies (and of course with in the kingdom rule set)) All Fighters who have suffered a second loss my take the field with any weapon set of their choice (Subject to the approvals as set above). All fighters who suffer a third loss will be removed from this portion of the competition.

All entries shall be judged and the Combatants with the most overall points shall rise victorious to stand as Defender. The winners shall THEN be responsible for autocrating FOTCOG III. The tourney's shall be run concurrently.

Anyone wishing to enter the tourney must have all listed requirements to participate. For clarification on what qualifies as an A&S entry and performance, please consult the baronial website for a FAQ page.

To assuage the rumbling stomachs of the populace after the hard day of combat and play, the barony shall be hosting a BEAST CHARRING! Meat and bread shall be provided. Anyone wishing to have sides shall be responsible for bringing their own. Should anyone wish to bring enough to share, their generosity shall be more than welcomed, but we are choosing to forego the traditional potluck.

The site is the Lomand View park in North Ogden and shall open at 9am. Armor inspection shall be at 1130, with the touney to be immediately following. Dinner shall be following the tourney's and closing court at the discretion of their Excellencies.

Site fee is $5.

DIRECTIONS: On I-15 take the 349 exit. Head east 3 miles to Washington Blvd. Turn Left heading North for .4 miles to Alberta Dr. Turn left again heading west for .2 miles. The entrance to Lomand View park will be on the right hand side. Look for signs as well, we will post them. Location:
Barony of Gryphon's Lair (North Ogden, Utah)