Agincourt and Baronial Champions

We invite one and all, young and old to join us for a day of fighting and feasting, arts and sciences, glory and revelry to be remembered! Our event autocrated by the talented Lord Liam MacanTsaoir is themed on the battle of Agincourt that was fought in northern France as part of the Hundred Years' War. The battle was fought on a rainy day, the feast day of Saint Crispin, in 1415 between the English and Welsh army of King Henry V and the French army of King Charles VI.

This grand event is to be held at the Dorseyville Volunteer Fire Department Social Hall, 100 Charles Street Dorseyville, PA 15238. The Site fee will be $10.00 of Off Board (lunch included), and $17.00 On Board. Children ages 6-12 shall be half price and Wee Ones (5 and under) shall be free. The site opens at 9am and closes at 10pm. No pets inside the building except service animals. The site is wet, period containers please. We invite all to bring banners of their Family and Households to decorate the walls of the feast hall.

A limited number of tables will be available for merchants to sell their wares, for information e-mail: agincourt_bmdl(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Fighting will commence with an Atlantia-style speed tourney. There will also be a Combat Archery Triathlon. There will be a Harfleur "Once More Into the Breach" Battle. Next will be the Agincourt Battle, a timed resurrection battle on an hourglass-shaped field. There will be followed by a Sack the Baggage Train Skirmish, including combat archery. Finally, we will fight multiple fight-throughs of a Tavern Brawl Battle until everyone is tired and happy.

Did we forget to mention fencing!? Fear not, Along with the Baronial Fencing Champion Tournament, we will have your favorite fencing activities and also a tavern battle, bring your favorite 'non standard' item for parrying. We've seen it all; from a turkey leg to a stuffed dog so use your imagination. What a sad day this would be without archery, the Battle of Agincourt was won by Archers. Along with combat archery, we will have the Baronial Champion Archery competition. There will also be an opportunity to test the skills of Aethelmearc’s Archers against a fierce French Army.

Agincourt will also host the Baronial Thrown Weapons Champion Tournament and the Baronial Youth Fighting Champion, so come and show your prowess with your chosen weapons.

There will be plenty to do for the non fighter too, should you feel like taking it easy from the battle. There will also be an A&S competition with the theme being the Hundred Years War and a special Leather working A&S competition. We are also looking for kind gentles to hold classes throughout the day. We would especially like to see classes on leather working in honor of St. Crispin.

An amazing lunch and feast is being prepared as well by the very talented Lady Odriana vander Brugghe. She is said to be including both French and English Cuisine. During feast we will have a Dueling Bards Competition, to entertain the crowd and all honored guests The winner of this event will be determined by the Baron and Baroness.

Garb of the period is requested and will make the atmosphere more period, but of course not required. Location:
Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands (Dorseyville, Pennsylvania)