The nights draw in, and across the land gentles prepare for the long nights ahead when they will work on the arts of peace. Seeking the inspiration and knowledge of the elves, masters of all of the arts and sciences, the people tempt them from Elf-land with dancing and music.

The Shire of Klakavirki invites you to join us at Álfadans, an A&S-focussed event to be held on October 19th-21st at a "summerhouse" in Varmahlíð. We promise you A&S classes, competitions, a feast to please the elves, and our own hot tub.

Event fee: 3,500 Ikr. Children under 16 not allowed.

Accommodation: Crash space is free on site, and we will try to provide sleeping bags etc. foroverseas visitors.

Event Steward: Lady Ysabella-Maria Vasquez de Granada
(Nik Whitehead) nicolaw@unak.is Location:
Klakavirki (Iceland)