Vardo & Wagon construction group created

Tired of being cold and damp at events? Fed up to the teeth with hours of setting up and outfitting your tent? Ever dream of just hitching up the wagon and just trailing to an event ready to go in warmth and civilized comfort but do not want to get exiled to the RV ghetto? Then maybe a Vardo or covered wagon is the thing for you!

After near drowning at events this spring a number of people decided it was high time to start planning and building these wonderful homes on wheels. Design thoughts range from the non-period but way cool gypsie vardo to covered wagon designs from illuminations. Organizers propose gathering online to share our information and dreams at Vardo Shavora, the Companions of the Wagon, a new email list for those interested in the creation and use of wheeled homes at SCA events.

Follow the "original article" link to learn more about the new email list.

Latcho Drom (good roads) to you!