Summers End: A Sicilian Festival and Post Revel

The Canton of Beau Fleuve invites you to take part in the Sicilian festival The "Pulio di Normani" celebrating the Normans invasion of Sicily. We offer a full day of tournaments, activities and atmosphere inspired by the festival as well as a post revel.

We don't want you leaving after feast; we want you to join us outside around the fire for a post revel. This is a celebration of the Sicilian, Norman and Moorish cultures so we call out to representatives of each to show off your culture. The event is taking place at its usual home, St. John de la Salle, 8469 Buffalo Ave., Niagara Falls, NY 14304.

We have special activities inspired by Sicilian Carnivals. The A&S Competition will be based on the Parade of Giants. The Giants are to be approx 7 feet tall from ground to top and must be paraded around the site at times during the day and then through the feast where the populist will choose the winner. The populist is encouraged to offer the handlers of the Giants drink or food, as is the Sicilian tradition. As a kid's activity, children will be able to construct mini Giants on site.

Speaking of Feast, a Sicilian inspired feast will be prepared by Druegar Menschalini. A sideboard will be available as well. There will be a Best Decorated Feast Table Contest. On board and off board tables will be set up during the day to allow for decorating. Sign up for table space early. There will also be a Moroccan Coffee House open through the day. After feast we will begin a post revel outside. The site is discretely damp.

We offer a full day of tournaments inspired by the Sicilian Culture and the "Pulio di Normani" festival. Martial tournaments will include Heavy Weapons, Fencing, Youth Fencing and Boffer, and Thrown weapons. In addition to a singles Heavy Weapons tournament, a special Memorial Melee Tournament will take place in honor of Lord Broderick Wyntermayne. Martial activities will start at 11 AM. We want people to come late and stay late. Should it rain we may have to start earlier.

We invite drummers and Middle Eastern dancers to join us through out the day and into the revel. The Sicilian culture was greatly enhanced by the Muslims and it would be remiss not to have their culture present. Since it's a festival, street performer are welcome, and we ask the populist to reward them. Please bring your banners, heraldic displays and festive decorations to decorate the list fields and feast hall to make this a beautiful festival.

The Post Revel: After feast the party will move outside. We hope to capture the fun of a camping post revel. We will build some fires and we encourage people to drum and dance. Small pavilions may be set up to entertain friends.

Site Fees: $15 for on board, or just $7 for off and out board. Children under 17 are half price. To ensure you're on board space make your reservations as soon as possible. Reservations are being taken by the Autocrat, Filipo de Sancto Martino Please make checks payable to SCA Inc- Canton of Beau Fleuve. Site opens at 10 am and closes at 11 pm. If you have any question about the event, feast or activities please contact the autocrat Lord Filipo at

Directions: From The East: Take the I-90 W / NEW YORK STATE THRUWAY W toward BUFFALO (Portions toll), Merge onto I-290 W / YOUNGMANN EXPY via EXIT 50 toward NIAGARA FALLS. Merge onto I-190 N toward NIAGARA FALLS (Portions toll). Merge onto LASALLE EXPY E via EXIT 21A toward TONAWANDAS. Take the RT-384 N ramp. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto BUFFALO AVE / NY-384.

>From the South: Merge onto I-90 E via EXIT 178A toward BUFFALO (Portions toll) (Crossing into NEW YORK). Merge onto I-190 N via EXIT 53 toward DOWNTOWN BUFFALO / NIAGARA FALLS (Portions toll). Merge onto LASALLE EXPY E via EXIT 21A toward TONAWANDAS. Take the RT-384 N ramp. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto BUFFALO AVE / NY-384. Location:
Canton of Beau Fleuve, (Niagara Falls New York)