Aphar Faire XV

Shire Lagerdamm is pleased to present, Aphar Faire XV Legends of the Mermaid (Myth or Madness?) & Regional Arts & Science Faire August 17-19, 2007.

Cold Springs Retreat
476 Acklin Gap Road
Conway, AR 72032

** Site is BONE DRY **

MERMAIDS: beautiful 1/2 fish, 1/2 woman, Sirens of the sea? Seals sitting on a rock? Were all the sailors telling tales or just crazy? Show & tell us your opinion... at APHAR FAIRE!

Event Steward
Lady Aine ingen in Gobhann (mka: Suzie Daniel)

THL Edrei the Quiet

THL's Arianna & Karis

*Send Reservations to:
Stephanie Sitzes

"Sea" what is going on at AF!

A Regional A&S Competiton-Theme:Mermaids or sea related
Heavy fighting- Defender of the Arts Tourney!
A&S entry buys a life! (one life only per contestant)
Rapier! Archery! Classes! Childrens Activities!
Feast limited 100 - Beds 120 (first come first serve)

Tenting unlimited – Site opens at 6 pm Fri. closes 10 am Sun.

Adult w/feast - $18 / Adult w/feast - $15
Kids under 12 w/feast - $9 / Kids under 12 w/feast - $7
Off board (no Feast) deduct $5
non-members add $3
Children under 6 are free but this does not include a bed or feast space.
*Pre-register before July 31st deduct $2.
**Make checks payable to Shire Lagerdamm–Cash only at the door **

Per Kingdom Law, No family shall pay a site fee higher than three (3) adult member prices for admission to an event as long as they are all members. This may or may not include bed and/or feast spaces for more than those covered by the three (3) paid adult member prices at the hosting group's discretion. Family is defined as custodial adults plus legal dependants. Proof of immediate family relations and age may be required. Location:
Shire Lagerdamm (Conway, Arkansas)