Protectorate and Captain of the Guard

On July 14th Tarnmist will be holding its annual Protectorate Tourney. This year we will also be holding the Captain Of The Guard Tourney at the same event. For the first time in the history of the Barony Captain of the Guard will we vied for with rapiers, and in order to lure some rapier fighters down here I am providing a prize for the incoming Captain of the Guard. As the Captain of the Guard will be the commander of The Baroness's Personal Guard and will hold a position of command in the Army of Tarnmist he or she will require a token not only of the Captain's authority but a symbol of what happens to the unruly Tarnmist fighter who does not follow orders.

Date: July 14th, 2007

Site opens: 11am - Armour inspection until noon.

Fighting starts: 12 pm

Location: Waller park near the enterance on the right hand side (look for SCA signs)

Additional contests:

  • Best Chocolate Dish: can be a savory or sweet. Please no coconut products of any kind.
  • Baronial Bardic Competition
  • Most Chivalrous Fighter/Person
  • Best Death
  • Best Mourning
  • Potluck: Bring a dish to feed 8, and whatever meat/etc., you'd like to BBQ. Bread and charcoal will be provided by the Canton.

This year we have the unique oportunity of having our Captain of the Guard be competed for through rapier. If you are interested in being Captain of the Baronial Guard for Tarnmist please feel free to join us during the same time that the heavy tourney fighting for Protectorate is going on.

Fighting: Will be held at same time as Protectorate. As advertised by Lord Godric the following war hammer will be associated with the Captiancy:

From Hwy 101 in Santa Maria: Take the SISQUOC/BETTERAVIA RD exit, go 0.2 mi Turn RIGHT on E BETTERAVIA RD, go 1.0 mi Turn LEFT on S BROADWAY(CA-135 S), go 1.1 mi Turn RIGHT on WALLER LN, go 0.1 mi Turn LEFT on ORCUTT RD, go 0.1 mi Turn RIGHT on a local road, go 0.2 mi Arrive at WALLER PARK Location:
Barony of Tarnmist (Santa Maria, California)