Women's Fighting Symposium

As you can see, some of the most expert fighters in their forms have graciously offered to teach us. We would have asked them to address both tournament and melee combat and drills/exercises to help improve your fighting. Please come out and take advantage of this!

First, the schedule:

12 noon-1pm Sword and Shield by Duke Sir Malcom (and possibly Count Sir Andrew)
1-2pm Katana/Great Sword by Sir Ogami with Countess Morgen
2-3pm Two Sword by Sir Maghnus with Baroness Ariella
3-4pm Polearm by Sir Koredono
4-5pm Spear by Sir Alonzio and Sir Graedwyn

Second, we will have the Rain location be our castle's large basement and 3 car garage complete with pell and mirror (adequate for indoor fighting practice). The address is 755 Stonegate Dr, Wexford PA 15090. Or, from Marshall Middle School, take right out of the parking lot onto Wexford Run Rd. Go till it ends in a T-intersection and turn left onto Mingo Rd. Take a right onto Stonegate about 3/4 mile later to get to our house. We will also have pizza dinner and crash space there after the Symposium (just let me know about crash space so I can plan).

Third, we will bring some loaner weapons (so you can try spear, for example, even if you don't own one) and some loaner gauntlets and armor. We will have 3 tents set up and some chairs, but feel free to bring more chairs. We will also have lots of water and some fighter snacks.

Fourth, for those bringing children and significant others, they are welcome to play on the school's large playground near the fighting area or go play at the castle with my kids and Byron.

Ariella and Morgen
caram@pitt.edu Location:
AEthelmearc (Wexford Pennsylvania)