Gleann Abhann Regional Dance Practice

Here's a reminder about the Regional Dance Practice to be held June 30 in the Barony of Small Gray Bear (Little Rock, AR). The practice will be at St. Vincent's Hospital, which is located on the SE corner of University Ave and W. Markham St.

The room we have is beautiful with skylights and a tiled floor and very convenient access to the hospital cafeteria, which actually has pretty decent food. Coffee will be provided in the morning and iced tea and water from the late morning on. (And if you really can't do without it, there's a Starbucks across the street. :)

The format is rather loose. Kinda like a regional fighter practice, we do "pick-ups" with whatever dances folks want to learn, uaually with more beginning stuff in the morning and intermediate/advanced towards the afternoon. This is also a bit of a pity party for anyone who wanted to go to the Known World Dance Symposium but couldn't get to Seattle!

9:00am - Site opens. Dancing!
Noon - Lunch break*
1:00pm - Dancing!
3:00pm - Short ball to practice the day's dances
5:00pm - Usually about the end

*During the lunch break, we often have an impromptu discussion about dance in period - stylistics, when and why people danced, that sort of thing.

Site fee: Free!

Directions: Make your best way to Little Rock, I-630. Take the University Avenue exit and go north (that's left if you're coming from the west; coming from the east, it's its own exit). Go two blocks north to Markham St, turn right. Turn right again at the next light. The hospital parking deck is on the left, and it's free! Go through the glass sliding doors into the hospital proper and follow the signs. Location:
Barony of Small Gray Bear (Little Rock, Arkansas)