Fighting at Border Skirmish

Sir Tom T. reports on fighting activities at the recent Border Skirmish which took place between the Kingdoms of Northshield and the Midrealm.

Sir Tom writes:

Border Skirmish was a wonderful event with near perfect fighting weather. I spent pretty much the whole day on the battle field so most of my take is from there so if others have info on the rapier field and any other activities please share.

The intensity of our fighters was very good and they really took it to the middle.

The counts for fighters I heard where 55 on the northshield side with about 15 of us chiv. Mid had about 25 guys with I think about 8 of them where chiv. For completeness We had His Highness of the East, Sir Conrad of the East, Sir Kern (sp?) from Trimaris, and one Unbelted Eastern fighter amoungst our numbers also. Next year I hope more Northshielders will attend and hopefully we can expand our alllies to include some Calontirii and others as well.

Also just for the record the Heavy results were:

3 field battles. All three won by Northshield.

Unbelts of Northshield versus Unbelts of the Middle. 3 fights 2 won by Northshield last one won by Middle. (our unbelts totaly kicked butt great job for all that took part there)

Great Wall Battle (20 minute rez battle.) Won by Northshield. It ended at about 17 minutes by Request (as I understand it the middle asked for the stoppage) as the middle forces where exhausted and there was some fear for safety issues due to that.

Broken field. 10 minutes of rez then to the last man. won by Northshield. we where scheduled to do two of them but only one was done. We won this handely.

It is my belief that even if the middle had brought 25 more people and had a equal number of chiv we still would have taken the day as we where motivated and took the fight to them while they where not very motivated and planned pretty poorly for each fighter as per there own accounts ( I read legio also :) )

Next up. An Tir. See you all at Moorish.

Sir Tom T.