Trailer and gear stolen in Caid

Dafydd mac Donald and Ayllyth report the theft of their trailer containing SCA gear on June 18, 2007 from Pt. Loma, California.

Dafydd and Ayllyth write:

Hello! M'lord Dafydd mac Donald and I would very much appreciate any Caidans who visit any of the local swap meets to help us in attempting to locate our gear.

On Monday, 18 June, we discovered that our new trailer had been nicked from our driveway in Pt Loma (Calafia). The trailer had not yet been fully unloaded from May Potrero, and so contained most of the gear we use in our merchants booths (The Hanged Man Tarot and Illustrated Dreams Mehndi). We have reported the theft to SDPD and our homeowner's insurance.

However, because of the uniqueness of much of the gear (as anyone who's seen the Hanged Man's booth at war knows), we're hoping that rather than just dumping the stuff the thieves will think they can sell it. We will be checking at Kobey's Swap Meet and the local (beach) pawn shops for a while, but would be thankful if any who visit swap meets around Caid to keep an eye out. We think it's likely that they would be trying to sell the stuff like a jumble-booth, all at once.

A partial list of the items includes:

  • Two 12' market umbrellas (the skeletons of our booths; one has a green canopy and the other white, both with velcro sewn around the edges)
  • Four circular wooden tables (the legs screw into brackets on the bottom, four each; the tops are solid discs we bought from Home Depot)
  • Six (?) folding wooden lounge chairs with white canvas seats/backs (they're adjustable; two have cup-holes with chain nets in the arms)
  • Three folding futons (1 twin, 2 doubles)
  • a canvas bag full of Panther pavilion-poles (and four loose ones, and a single two-piece centre-pole) [a bunch of Panther poles without the pavilion to go with would look a bit odd to those who know!]
  • a bunch of miscellaneous carpets, including six new ones that are either in plastic or tied/banded up
  • 4 portable holes from angle-iron
  • a bunch of cool lanterns, mostly glass and hanging
  • some wrought-iron poles meant to hang lanterns from
  • a firepit (the washing-machine core style) and a tripod for it
  • a ton of pillows and poufs, possibly including those cube-shaped ones
  • some dakini, ganesha, and tara figurines, of wood, metal, and resin
  • at least one Thai triangular pillow (it looks like it's made from cylinders of pillow piled in a triangle shape)
  • numerous tablecloths and tapestries
  • a white cotton bag with eight brightly-coloured gauze curtains (purple, red, henna, and gold, 2 each)
  • two Indian door-hangings (short lengths of dags, gold with mirror bits and embroidery)
  • three 3' tall X-pens (dog enclosures)

If by any luck anyone sees this stuff being hawked, please let the police know, and us. An email to will get you our contact data for the police.

We humbly thank you all.

Dafydd mac Donald/Daoud ben Daoud, The Hanged Man Tarot
Ayllyth, Illustrated Dreams