Butt's and Bale's III

It's almost time to load up the war wagon and come to the Third Annual Middle Kingdom all thrown weapons event - Butt's and Bale's III! on June 23rd.

Because of a problem it is not advertised in the Pale so download the event info at http://www.shireofdragonsvale.org/butts%20and%20bales.htm

The Shire of Dragon's Vale is hosting this thrown weapons only event that has been authorized by the Middle Kingdoms Lt. General of Thrown Weapons. This year the King and Queen have allowed us the great honor of selecting the Middle Kingdom's Thrown Weapons Champion by competition at the event.

We have done everything possible to keep the cost of the event as low as possible, The site fee is only $4 for adults $2 for 6-12, 5 and under is free.

Lunch will be a selection of bread bowls for $5 (try to beat that at Mc Donald's) and stone soup will be served after the throwing is over at no charge. There are many great throws already planned but bring your own competitions to add to the enjoyment of all. We will have several ranges setup so there will not be a lack of targets. This would also be a great event to either start or finish your thrown weapons MIT program.

We hope to see many of you there,

Master Arinwald Rotstein, Event Steward Location:
Shire of Dragon's Vale (Cromwell, Indiana)