WestDragonshire Summer Tourney

Join us for our Ancient and Honourable Midsummer Tourney, Come and take your ease, Fight if you so please, eat drink and be merry in such way as Is pleasant to you.

We Return to the parish of Holmbury St Mary, in Surrey

Site: Holmbury St Mary WI Hall, in Surrey
It's a splendid little village hall, with a fine Pub just up the road, and Nice woodland adjacent.

http://www.streetmap.co.uk/newmap.srf?x=511094&y=144476&z=5&sv=511094,144476 &st=4&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf&ax=511094&ay=144476

Plenty of Crash Space, with separate Quiet area. Site is Wet.

Fri June 29 6:00pm site opens. Much revelry, tale-telling and Song Travellers Supper Available.

Sat. Morning, Arise, break Fast, and take your ease
Sat Afternoon, Westdragonshire Tourney,
Sat evening, Eating & Revelling, Dancing and sweet Music.

There will be a simple Feast, From the Skilled hands of Lord Raphe Cuthbert.

Sunday, July 1
Morning, Arise, Brunch,
Midday, Vennans V Tennans
Afternoon, socialise, depart, Site closes 6 PM.

There is a pleasant Solar for those who wish to pass time in the gentle arts, last year saw much in the way of needlework and narrow-wares.

Cost EU20/head Concessions EU5/head Children under 13, EU3/head

BYO Luxuries, Largesse, and Liquids

Please book with our Doorward,
Lady Winnifred of Keyes
We need to get numbers for feast etc..

Come one come all, and join us to mark our Ancient Festival.

Godspeed to Holmbury St Mary, Robert of Canterbury Location:
WestDragonshire (Holmbury St Mary, England)